Skiing Season End in Svalbard

Now most of the snow has melted and the skiing season in Svalbard is officially over. The memory of the season remains with all its exciting trips and adventures.

Such as an Easter ski camp adventure on Passfjellbreen, South of Longyearbreen. We had a large tent with an oven and camped on a glacier with skiable peaks all around.


Top of Holmsenfjellet (682m)

Amazing snowmobile trips over the frozen tundra, sea ice, to glacier fronts and even with polar bear sightings.


Tunabreen glacier front

Polar bear on Van Mijenfjorden sea ice near Svea

Ski Arktis, sun, Sunski and a polar bear

Of course there were more amazing ski touring trips in the area around Longyearbyen with awesome people. Tops such as Operafjellet, Lars Hiertafjellet, Sarkofagen and the local favorite Trollsteinen.

Heading up to the Champagne glass on Operafjellet

On top of Champagene glass on Operafjellet

Skinning on Longyearbreen

Heading up to Lars HiertafjelletCharging down a steep chute on SarkofagenWith Sunski on top of TrollsteinenToppturfestivalen Svalbard was one highlight of the season. I was one of the tour leaders and we faced some challenging conditions with rain and whiteout conditions, but when the sky opened the surrounding beauty was breathtaking.

Toppturfestivalen camp in Trygghamna

Skiing in the whiteout on Daudmannen (768m)

The final trip just in the beginning of June to Nordenskiöld mountain made it clear that the season had come to an end and it was time to embrace the summer. New challenges and projects await and preparations for the 2015 season are already under way.

Season end on Nordenskiöld mountain