Svalbard: Ski and Cabin Trip in Grøndalen

Cabin trips in Svalbard are a special thing as it is not only a Norwegian pastime/tradition, but also deeply rooted in the history of the place. Hunters and trappers that have been coming to Svalbard for the last few hundred years have erected a multitude of huts all over, some for short overnight stays (i.e. small) while others intended for longer stays (i.e. larger). Not only do they offer good structural protection from the polar bears, but also a warm and potentially roomy base of operations.


With days off work and the weather forecast saying sunshine, me (Fridrik) and a couple buddies, Jóhann and Thomas, decided to head into Grøndalen for some skiing and to stay in a open hut called Grøndalshytta.


Cabin view


The plan was to ski the surrounding mountains and look for some good snow. The previous days had not been ideal for the higher mountains, with a lot of windblown snow creating a hard and unstable top layer. We were however eager to use our days and test our powder sniffing abilities. There was also a potential ice climbing route close by that Jóhann wanted to try in the evening.


Thomas relaxing in the sun


We ended up finding some really good snow on Tavlebreen glacier that was close by and shredded it until we could shred no more!


Jóhann skiing powder


Jóhann skiing


Thomas charging the slope
Jóhann ice climbing in Svalbard