Svalbard Dream: Backcountry Snowboarding

When people ask to get out in the backcountry of course I say “Yes I can take you”. Kendall came to Svalbard for a quick work related program, but as an avid snowboarder and a resort instructor he was amazed at the potential for backcountry snowboarding. Since he first came to Svalbard in December he had been dreaming of hitting some real Arctic backcountry lines. He asked me to take him out, but he did not have his equipment with him. I told him “no problem, if you want to get out I will fix it”!


The next day we headed out in the afternoon to Fardalen valley and found a nice sunny slope on Bingtoppen mountain, untouched, steep and soft powder snow!

Fardalen Snowmobile Track

It took a little over an hour to get up and on the way the views were amazing, the sun shining beautifully in the valley!

Kendall Shredding PowderKendall excitedly shredded the slope on Bingtoppen!

Kendall Shredding Bingtoppen

Once down Kendall was so excited that he immediately wanted to head back up for a second run. We still had sun so why not! Once ready to head back we were both worn out and ready to hit Kroa for some food and drink, though we might already have been drunk on adrenaline!