Winter & Summer 2015

Snowmobiles & Skiing

It has been an exciting year as a guide for Svalbard Adventure Group, snowmobile and ski guiding in the winter and fast boat, hiking and ATV guiding in the summer.

I faced the cold of winter, saw the sun rise again after a long dark period over a glaciated horizon. I saw a total solar eclipse darkening the day and skied high peaks, frosty and jolly. There were polar bears plenty, along with seals, reindeer and sneaky foxes. I had small and large groups, many who had never seen a snowmobile or interacted much with snow before. All expressed nothing but excitement and smiles. It was a magical time, where a special highlight was a personal skiing trip with my girlfriend to Atomfjella, a world class backcountry skiing region that has been featured much recently in the media. I am very much looking forward to the winter season to start again in January, especially combining snowmobile and skiing expeditions.

Boats, ATV & Hiking

The summer has been full of exciting fast boat driving. Early season ice dipping while picking up a group across the fjord, long days with cruise ship guests showing them amazing bird cliffs and the grand Isfjord. There were long day-trips to Isfjord Radio and Pyramiden, some in high seas and some in glassy waters with spectacular reflections. I was at times soaked from top to toe, but every time both my guests and I were thrilled and happy.

This has truly been a great year, with a great team, great guests and amazing experiences!