Camera Wrist Strap - Multiple Colors


Camera Wrist Strap - Multiple Colors 0005

Unique and handmade out of 550 paracord, this wrist strap* helps keep your camera nearby in the toughest of situations. The classic paracord weave looks good around the wrist and fits well in the hand. Standard size wrist strap opening that can be widened to accomodate a larger hand or when using gloves. Total amount of paracord used is roughly 4m (13ft) and can be pulled apart in an emergency.

The length of the wrist strap is what I feel is the perfect distance from the camera. If you leave it dangling it is still reachable and when you keep it in your hand it gives a nice comfortable fit with little extra cord flying around.

The strap fits with most camera types and brands, bigger SLR's, smaller Micro 4/3's and compact cameras. For attaching it you loop the thread around the camera's attachment point as pictured, but additional metal rings are supplied as they might be required with certain camera models.

*Note: Camera pictured is not included.

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Steel Gray Earth Brown White & Green Camo Black & Red Army Green Camera Wrist Strap - Multiple Colors