The Ultimate Snowmobile Adventure

Want to go on the best snowmobile adventure Svalbard has to offer?

The Ultimate Snowmobile Adventure is it!

We have five days snowmobiling in the high arctic tundra, traveling over glaciers and sea ice. Chance encounters with the arctic fauna along the way, such as the reindeer, arctic fox, seals and the king itself, the polar bear. This adventure has it all!

This trip is for someone who really enjoys motorized travel as we cover over 700 kilometers in variable terrain. Previous snowmobiling experience is recommended but not required. You will become quite the proficient after just a couple days.

Day 1 – Longyearbyen to Pyramiden

Starting in the morning we travel to Pyramiden an abandoned Soviet mining town deep inside the beautiful Billefjord with views of the Nordenskiöld glacier. Pyramiden has been featured in National Geographic as one of the top ten ghost towns in the world. Currently there is just small newly renovated hotel run by the Russian mining company, where we can stay and dine in traditional Russian style as we explore this mesmerizing town. There will be a local guide to take us around the buildings and share some of the mystery behind the town’s history.

Day 2 – Dicksonfjorden

We head through narrow valleys and challenging terrain to reach this remote fjord, which is most often completely frozen in winter. There we have the potential to see seals and perhaps the polar bear as he hunts on the ice. Along the way we can find viewpoints to give us an overview of this stunning landscape. This is our time to relax and take in the wilderness at a leisurely pace. We return back to Pyramiden for the night.

Day 3 – East Coast and Barentsburg

An early start is needed for this day as it will be our longest. We head from Pyramiden over to the East Coast of Spitsbergen island. This is where commonly trips from Longyearbyen go to have chance encounters with polar bears out on the sea ice. There are also large glaciers and big icebergs strewn all over. Once we have explored the east for a bit we turn towards the west. We make our way to the Russian settlement of Barentsburg, a much more modern and lively town than Pyramiden. We stay in their newly renovated hotel. There is also a micro brewery in Barentsburg and we can enjoy a tasting after a long day out.

Day 4 – West Coast and Isfjord Radio

We leave barentsburg and head south towards Van Mijenfjord. There we drive along the edge of the fjord until heading upon the Fridtjov glacier and passing some of the most picturesque mountains in Svalbard. The West Coast is known for its jagged peaks and folded geological features. In the afternoon we arrive at Isfjord Radio. It used to be a radio and a signal receiving station up until the early 2000’s, when it was subsequently turned into one of the most luxurious hotels in Svalbard. Here we can relax in the sauna or read in the library and enjoy a sublime dining experience.

Day 5 – Coles Bay and Longyearbyen

You might not want to leave Isfjord Radio, but we must continue on our way. We drive along river valleys and explore the Isfjord coastline until reaching Coles Bay. A completely abandoned old Soviet harbor that was used in association with the now also abandoned mining town of Grumant. This place is quite idyllically located with great views of the big Isfjord and there are often small flocks of reindeer nearby. Next is getting back to Longyearbyen, which we approach from the South, getting a view from on high as we drive down the local Longyear glacier. After having returned all the gear and you have gotten back to your hotel, we meet up in the evening for one last dinner at the local trappers restaurant Kroa. There where we can reminisce our journey and cheers for an amazing adventure shared!

What is included:

  • Experienced local guide with all necessary safety equipment
  • Personal snowmobile and fuel (600cc 4-stroke touring)
  • Snowmobile outer clothing (suit, boots, big mittens, helmet)
  • Four nights in hotel accommodation (shared twin rooms)
  • All food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (drinks not included)
  • Final dinner at Kroa (drinks not included)
  • Search and rescue insurance

What you need to bring:

  • Valid driver’s license (must have to drive a snowmobile)
  • Base layers (wool is best)
  • Ski mask / balaclava
  • Comfortable warm clothes
  • Casual clothing for evenings
  • Winter gloves / mittens (also small inner gloves recommend)
  • Sunglasses + sunscreen
  • Small backpack
  • Camera
  • Personal snacks if you need
  • Personal insurance


Suggested dates:

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Dates are flexible as this is an exclusive private trip tailor made for you.

Price per person:

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Extras and rentals:

Sport 900cc snowmobile

Single room accommodations