Now most of the snow has melted and the skiing season in Svalbard is officially over. The memory of the season remains with all its exciting trips and adventures. Such as an Easter ski camp adventure on Passfjellbreen, South of Longyearbreen. We had a large tent with an oven and […]

Skiing Season End in Svalbard

Cabin trips in Svalbard are a special thing as it is not only a Norwegian pastime/tradition, but also deeply rooted in the history of the place. Hunters and trappers that have been coming to Svalbard for the last few hundred years have erected a multitude of huts all over, some […]

Svalbard: Ski and Cabin Trip in Grøndalen

When people ask to get out in the backcountry of course I say “Yes I can take you”. Kendall came to Svalbard for a quick work related program, but as an avid snowboarder and a resort instructor he was amazed at the potential for backcountry snowboarding. Since he first came […]

Svalbard Dream: Backcountry Snowboarding

The ski season in Svalbard is starting well and with the return of the light in early February there are a few hours (currently between 10:00 and 14:00) where you have relative daylight, especially on cloudless days. The sun will rise above the horizon on the 16th of February and […]

Great February Conditions in Svalbard

The mountaintop Trollsteinen (850m) is close to Longyearbyen and is a popular peak to ski by the locals. If the conditions are good it can be skied from the middle of December until the beginning of June. Conditions vary, anywhere from ‘deepish’ powder to ice and sastrugi. In order to […]

First ski tour of 2014