1. Why choose Ski Arktis?

Personal and dedicated service to give you the best experience possible. All my focus is on planning your trip.

2. How do I get to Svalbard?

Most flights leave through Oslo and the two airlines flying are Norwegian and SAS. Recommend to book as soon as you can.

3. Where can I stay in Longyearbyen?

There are many options from high class hotels to basic guesthouses. Recommend looking at Visit Svalbard’s page and sites such as Booking.com.

4. Is there mobile service?

In town there is mobile service and some places out in the terrain we might sporadically get some, otherwise a satellite phone is necessary for safety.

5. What do you do about polar bears?

Svalbard roughly some 3000 polar bears. Polar bears are a safety issue when outside of the town. A rifle and flare gun are required as a deterrent, both of which I bring.  In addition camps need to be either trip wired and/or guarded during nighttime.