Country High Points

I have a lifetime goal of climbing the highest point in every country… emphasizing lifetime! So far it is only six, but there are more to come in the next years and they might become increasingly higher in elevation.¬†Winter and summer ascends are both a possibility. Some I might do alone, but I am definitely not opposed to sharing the summit and would love to plan more country high point (CPH) missions with fellow mountaineers.

On the hit list:

Grauspitz 2599m, Lichtenstein

Rysy 2499m, Poland

Gerlachovsk√Ĺ Peak 2665m, Slovakia

Mont Blanc 4808m, France

Kebnekaise 2099m, Sweden

Halti 1365m, Finland

When not hitting CPH’s then I will still be out in nature climbing other mountains and reaching other outdoorsy goals.