What is Ski Arktis?

I started Ski Arktis in 2014 with the vision to share information about skiing in Svalbard. I wanted to bring the untouched nature, multitude of peaks and the amazing freedom of skiing in the Arctic to people worldwide. In 2013 I finished a year long guide study in Svalbard called Arctic Nature Guide and now my day job is as an adventure guide for Svalbard Adventure Group. My work consists of doing snowmobile and ski trips in the winter and boat and hiking trips in the summer. In my spare time I try to go on my own adventures, so this website is therefore partly a portal for information and partly a personal adventure blog.

In the summer of 2014 I started a bike rental in the Southern end of Longyearbyen called Svalbard Bike Rental and for the summer 2015 I partnered with Coal Miners’ Cabins to rent out the bikes.

Friðrik – Guide and founder of Ski Arktis