What is Ski Arktis?

I started Ski Arktis in 2014 with the vision to share information about skiing in Svalbard. I wanted to bring the untouched nature, multitude of peaks and the amazing freedom of skiing in the Arctic to people worldwide. In 2013 I finished a year long guide study in Svalbard called Arctic Nature Guide and  have spent the last years working as a guide for the local companies in Longyearbyen. I have been actively guiding snowmobile and ski trips in the winter and fast boat, cruise ships and hiking trips in the summer.

Currently I am also pursuing my skiing and mountaineering interests in the Austrian Alps, having done an Austrian Ski Instructors license in 2016 and seeking further accreditation in the Alps. In my spare time I try to go on my own adventures, often worldwide and share some of those adventures here on the blog. If you are interested in going on an adventure in Svalbard or possibly elsewhere just shoot me an email and we will create an experience together.


Friðrik – Guide and founder of Ski Arktis

Member of Norsk Naturguideforbund