In June this year I had a month of vacation time. I had planned to spend that time in Austria, but because of a break-up those plans needed to be changed. I still had plane tickets to Munich, so I came up with alternatives of things I could do. The […]

Zugspitze: Top of Germany

I am a mountain person. Climbing mountains is how I feel alive and happy. There is a goal and in order to reach that goal I must fight through obstacles, both physical and mental ones. So when I saw that there was a slight two-day weather window after a period […]

Hochfeiler: Top of the Zillertal Alps

The mountains are calling! I have time, the weather forecast is good and a crazy route is thought out. The idea is to hike from Innsbruck to a hut near the Italian border and to possibly climb a +3000m in the area. All in all I am giving myself four […]

The Mountains are Calling: Innsbruck to the Italian Border