In June this year I had a month of vacation time. I had planned to spend that time in Austria, but because of a break-up those plans needed to be changed. I still had plane tickets to Munich, so I came up with alternatives of things I could do. The […]

Zugspitze: Top of Germany

I am a mountain person. Climbing mountains is how I feel alive and happy. There is a goal and in order to reach that goal I must fight through obstacles, both physical and mental ones. So when I saw that there was a slight two-day weather window after a period […]

Hochfeiler: Top of the Zillertal Alps

The mountains are calling! I have time, the weather forecast is good and a crazy route is thought out. The idea is to hike from Innsbruck to a hut near the Italian border and to possibly climb a +3000m in the area. All in all I am giving myself four […]

The Mountains are Calling: Innsbruck to the Italian Border

It all started with an idea a couple years ago, that I could possibly climb all the highest mountains in each country in the world. A very ambitious goal I know, but you have to have something to aim for and motivate you to push further. As an avid hiker […]

Triglav: The Crown of the Julian Alps

Snowmobiles & Skiing It has been an exciting year as a guide for Svalbard Adventure Group, snowmobile and ski guiding in the winter and fast boat, hiking and ATV guiding in the summer. I faced the cold of winter, saw the sun rise again after a long dark period over […]

Winter & Summer 2015

Hiking the Karhunkierros (Bear Trail) in Finnish Lapland is a fantastic challenge and experience. It was established back in 1955 and is currently Finland’s most popular trail. My girlfriend and I decided to hike the Karhunkierros in August as a part of our summer vacation. We wanted to enjoy our […]

Hiking the Karhunkierros Trail

Trekking Through Soviet Era Ambitions  Summer long plans finally came into fruition last Friday when my girlfriend and I started off from Longyearbyen harbor with MS Billefjord on a one way ticket to Barentsburg. The plan was to hike from Barentsburg and follow the coastline back to Longyearbyen, a journey […]

Trekking Barentsburg to Longyearbyen

Pyramiden: Bike & Hike Pyramiden is an abandoned Russian mining town in Svalbard located at 78° 41´N. It is on National Geographic´s list of top 10 ghost towns. It was abandoned in 1998 and when the people left they left in a hurry, taking only their private possessions and essentials. […]

Exotic Bike & Hike Trip to Pyramiden

I am a Sunski Explorer! Check out the feature about Ski Arktis on the Sunski Lens Blog. While you are at it also have a look at the awesome sunglasses they have! Great quality and price. They have been tested in the non relenting Arctic sun and passed!

Sunski Explorer – Adventures in the Arctic